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Mont Alpi Puerto Rico

Mont Alpi Charcoal Tray

Mont Alpi Charcoal Tray

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Name: Mont Alpi Charcoal Tray
The Mont Alpi Charcoal tray truly offers the best of both worlds, the Mont Alpi gas grilling results are perfect in every way, but occasionally every chef would like to explore charcoal cooking and smoking. This tray replaces the sear plates and can be filled with wood chips, wood chunks or charcoal. Cook that ultimate juicy steak above a bed of searing charcoal or simmer some logs for a slow cooked salmon or pulled pork. The charcoal tray adds immeasurable versatility to your cooking experience and using the gas burner as a lighting method makes for easy work. The tray is self-contained for easy clean up. Add some versatility to your Mont Alpi with the Mont Alpi charcoal tray.

Features and Specs
Stainless steel
light weight
Works with any Mont Alpi Grill
12" x 18" 3"

Youtube Video: Video coming soon.

UPC: 655255082853.0
Item #: MACT

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